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    Interesting Uses Of Preposition Into

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    Interesting Uses Of Preposition Into

    Planet Desk | 12 February 2019 | 7:53 am

    In today’s lesson, we are going to discuss the important uses of preposition ‘Into’ alongside common ones. Into is a preposition that has quite wide uses in English. We usually use it to indicate direction. Let’s Look at the following uses :

    We basically use into to indicate or show direction. Look at the sentences below :
    1. She walked into the house.
    2. A speedy truck ran into the house and killed two people on their sleep.
    3. A cow ran into the paddy field and damaged all.

    The interesting and different use of ‘into’ is we can use it when speaking about things of interest. It means that it can be used to show interests in something or in doing something. Like : if you enjoy playing football, you could say instead “I am into playing fooball.” See the following examples :

    1. My daughter is very much into singing. (that means she has got interests in singing or likes to do it or enjoys singing)
    2. The children in my community are very much into playing cricket. (that means they enjoy playing cricket very much)
    Note : In this case, the structure is sub + be into something.

    Another phrasal use of Into is : be into somebody for something means (US English, informal) owe somebody money or be owed money by somebody
    1. I am into a bank for Taka one lakh. (that means I owe the bank the amount of money)

    See the more general uses of Into : We also use Into to show a position in or inside something.
    1. Come into the house. (In can be used here as well)
    2. She dived into the water.
    3. He threw the letter into the fire.

    Also it is used to show in the direction of something
    1. Speak clearly into the microphone.
    2. Driving into the sun, we had to shade our eyes.

    # Further common uses of Into to be followed soon.

    Note : This lesson is basically for school and college students and those who want to learn practical English as all prepositions play an important role in effective English learning. With more lessons on prepositions in the coming days, this fact will become clear.
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