Important Uses Of The Preposition ‘Under’ (1st part)

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The word ‘Under’ can be used both as a preposition and an adverb. But the word is mostly used as a preposition and has got various important meanings and uses. Under as a preposition has extensive uses in conversation and dialogues. So having knowledge about these uses and meanings is critical in learning English.

A. Under means ‘someone or something is in a position below or lower than something else. In this case, one thing looks like covering other. Look at the sentences below :
1. A cat is sleeping under my bed.
2. You can keep the bag under the table.
3. Do you know what’s under the desk?
4. Please come under the umbrella as it is raining heavily.
5. We five friends stood under an umbrella to escape getting wet.

B. If anything like a book, an article, an story or a report or a piece of information is under a particular title or heading etc. it can be found with that title or anything specific in a book, magazine, paper or journal or in a list. See the examples below :
1. The Daily Star yesterday published a report under the heading ‘Crack down on casinos’.
2. On 21st September, there’s an AFP report on Kashmir situation under the title ‘Screams in the night in J & K’.
3. This book can be found under history catalogue in the library.
4. The item you are asking for is not under the main menu but under the desert.

C. Under as a preposition means something is ‘less than something else’. See the examples below :

1. This dress will cost u under 10 dollars. (meaning the price of the dress is less than the amount).
2. All the items available in this shopping mall are under 100 euros.
3. The discount of flat 50 percent applies only to people under 30 years. (meaning individuals who are below 30 will get the discount).
4. If you are under 18 years of age, you will be automatically disqualified for driving license.
5. As per rules of Bangladesh, if any individual is under 25, he or she will not be eligible to get married.

D. Under means ‘to be or remain in a specific state or condition. Look at the examples below :
1. The patient is under (or on) life support.
2. My father has suffered a massive heart attack. So he’s been kept under ICU.
3. For cesarean section, every woman needs to be kept under anesthesia.

E. Under means ‘going through something or experiencing something’. See the examples below :
1. The market has been under fire for an hour now. (meaning the market is going through fire or suffering it).
2. The government’s proposal to build a bigger airport is under serious consideration of AIIB.
3. The signatories to Paris agreement have failed to keep global climate change situation under control.

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