Global Updates Including Nobel Literature Prize 2020 Winner

American poet Louise Gluck won Nobel Prize in Literature this year

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Every day lots of events like ‘Nobel prize winners 2020 in Literature, Chemistry, Physics etc. happen around the world.  All the details update on those events are not necessary for some particular purposes. Followings are just the gists on them :

1. Who is Japan’s new Prime Minister?
Ans : Yoshihide Suga. He is the country’s 99th PM.

2. Who has won US Open Women’s Singles Title this year?
Ans : Japan’s Naomi Osaka. This is her third grand slam trophy win overall.

3. Who has won the US Open Championship in Men’s singles this year?
Ans : Dominic Thiem. This is the first grand slam title for this Austrian player.

4. Which city has recently voted highest minimum wage per hour in the World?
Ans : Geneva. The voter in this Swiss city has voted in the favor of an initiative which sets hourly minimum wage at 23 Swiss Francs (25 USD).

5. Who has been named for this year’s Nobel Prize in Medicine?
Ans : Three individuals are named for this prestigious award. They are Americans Harvey Alter & Charles Rice and British Michael Houghton. The trio have been awarded the prize for their discovery of Hapatitis C virus.

6. What’s the name of the Covid-19 vaccine candidate developed by Globe Biotech Ltd, a pharmaceutical company in Bangladesh?
Ans : BANCOVID. The company now wants to seek green signal from the regulatory body for clinical trial of it on human. BANCOVID is the first vaccine candidate made by a Bangladeshi company.

7. Who has been awarded this year’s Nobel Prize in Physics?
Ans : Three scientists have won the prize. They are Roger Penrose (British), Reinhard Genzel (Germany) and Andrea Ghez of the USA. They have won the prize for the research into black holes.

8. Who has been named for this year’s Nobel Prize in Chemistry?
Ans : Two women researchers. One is American biochemist Jennifer A. Doudna. The other one is French microbiologist Emmanuelle Charpentier. They have been named for this award for the development of a method for genome editing.

9. Who is the President of Bangladesh Football Federation?
Ans : Kazi Salahuddin. He has been re-elected recently to the post for the fourth consecutive term. In FIFA rankings, Bangladesh have made little progress and are languishing at 187 now.

10. Which Bangladeshi cricketer has been made the UNICEF’S New Goodwill Ambassador?
Ans : Mushfiqur Rahim.

11. Who has won Nobel Prize in Literature the year of 2020?

Ans : Louise Glück (77). She is a celebrated American poet, born in New York.

12. Who is the Attorney General of the Supreme Court in Bangladesh? 

Ans : AM Amin Uddin. He’s the 14th AG of the South Asian country.

13. Who has won French Open Women’s Singles Title 2020?
Ans : Polish Iga Swiatek (19). She is the first Polish to win Grand Slam in Tennis.

14. Which tennis player has conquered this year’s French Open Men’s Singles Championship?
Ans : Rafael Nadal. This is his 13th French Open Title and overall 20th Grand Slam Trophy.

15. What place has Bangladesh been ranked in the Global Hunger Index 2020 released on October 12?
Ans : 75th out of 107 countries included in the index. Bangladesh has moved up 13 notches from last year’s 88th.

16. Who is Lebanon’s New Prime Minister?

Ans : Saad-al Hariri. This is his second term as Premier. 

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