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1. American multinational Tech Company Intel Corporation has recently unveiled its first Artificial Intelligence (AI) processor. What’s name of it?
Ans : Springhill. Also known as Nervana NNP-1, this chip is based on a 10 nanometer Ice Lake Processor that will allow it to deal with high workloads using minimal amount of energy.

2. On 22nd August this year, Russia has sent a life size humanoid robot to the International Space Station ISS. What’s the name of the robot?
Ans : Fedor. It is short for Final Experimental Demonstration Object Research. It will stay on the station for 10 days and learn how to assist astronauts. Note that Fedor is not the only robot sent into the space. Earlier two humanoid robots have been sent into the ISS. One of them is Nasa’a Robonaut-2. Built in co-operation with General Motors, the robot was dispatched into the space in 2011. But in the face of technical problems, it was flown back to earth in 2011. And the other one is Japan’s Kirobo which was sent to the station in 2013.

3. Which city is hosting this year’s G7, the club of world’s seven industrialized nations, summit?
Ans : Biaritz, France. This one is the group’s 45th summit taking place from 24-26 August.

4. Who is the USA’s current special ambassador for North Korea affairs?
Ans : Stephen Biegun.

5. Africa’s political crisis hit country Sudan has recently got its 11 member Civilian-Military Sovereign Council for a transitional period of 39 months. Who is the head of the council?
Ans : General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, also set to be the head of state for a part of the transitional period. And the country’s opposition party leader Abdalla Hamdok has become the Prime Minister of the country.

6. Bangladesh’s national flag carrier Biman has its 3rd Boeing Dreamliner 787-8 Aircraft commissioned into its fleet on 22nd August of this year. What’s the name of the passenger plane?
Ans : Gangchil.

7. Who is Bangladesh National Cricket Team’s current head coach?
Ans : Russsel Domingo. The South African has got a job tenure of two years.

8. Who has got the ownership of the world’s biggest island Greenland for which US President Donald Trump has recently expressed his desire to buy, sparking strong criticism and refusal from the owning country?
Ans : Denmark.

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