Important & Interesting Uses Of The Verb Look (2nd part)

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The word ‘Look’ has lots of usages in English. Though it is mainly used as a linking verb, it can also be used as an intransitive verb. In today’s lesson, the various important uses of ‘Look’ as an intransitive verb have been discussed below :
D. a. Look as an intransitive verb is used when you want someone to look at something surprising or interesting. It this case, the verb is always in imperative form and often used in spoken English. See the examples below :
1. Look! Your lost umbrella is over there.
2. Look! There’s a huge rainbow in the sky.
3. Look! There’s long tailback on the road ahead.

b. As in intransitive verb, look is used for making a suggestion or when you want someone to pay attention to what you are going to say. See the sentences below :
1. Look, why don’t we get together and discuss on the matter?
2. Look, why do not we get out tonight and have a dinner?
3. Look, we are going to have an important meeting on the next big proposal regarding expanding our business. So do not miss it.

E. Look what/how is mainly used for providing an example that proves that what you are saying is right or true. Look at the sentences below :
1. We must start preparation for the program with enough time in hand : Look what happened to our previous event.
2. It’s not a good idea to travel without insurance: look what happened to Bill.
3. You must get underway soon for job search : look how long it took me to get a job.

F. As an intransitive verb, look also means facing. In other words, when ‘something looks something else’ means it faces the other. For example, if a building or room looks in a particular direction, it faces that direction. See the examples below :
1. My bedroom looks south. (meaning facing south)
2. Our house looks north to the river.

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