HSC Syllabus 2021 : Revised & Shorter

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The revised and shorter syllabus of HSC or its equivalent examinations 2021 has been published by Dhaka Education Board.

The syllabus prepared by National Curriculum and Textbook Board (NCTB) can be found on the board’s official portal (https://www.dhakaeducationboard.gov.bd/).

How to Get HSC Syllabus : Candidates can get the curtailed and latest HSC syllabus by surfing the following link :  


To note, syllabus is out in zip files. So after download, it needs to be unzipped to see.

As per reports, the syllabus for HSC or its equivalent exams has been cut down to nearly half from its original one that students can finish it before the exam starts.

Earlier on January 25, Dhaka Education Board published the syllabus with 30 to 35 percent cut. But the amount of reduction drew criticism from teachers, students and guardians alike because students objected that they would not be able to finish the syllabus before the exam. Therefore the authorities took the decision to further downsize it.

Attention : It should be noted that HSC or equivalent exams this year are likely to commence in July or August, as per an earlier announcement from the Education Ministry. Usually the exams start in April every year.

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