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    How You Can Get Happiness At Work

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    How You Can Get Happiness At Work

    Planet Desk | 15 March 2019 | 10:49 am

    Most of us know that work environment is the key to employees’ mental and physical wellbeing. If your workplace does not maintain good atmosphere, then you will never be happy with your work which ultimately have negative effects on personal life. So better workplace is the factor for personal and professional success. Now a new study suggests that expressing or receiving gratitude (thanks or appreciation) to and from colleagues can be good for you and the colleagues. This practice at workplace improves both person’s life.

    According to the study, employees who get positive feedback for their performance from co-workers are healthier and happier. This thing among employees will benefit the organization in the long run as workers’ good health and mental happiness means less leave and less overtime payment. Therefore the researchers recommend that employers should maintain such an environment for workers to express gratitude to their co-workers or colleagues. Employees on their own can express gratitude to their colleagues for good-job-done.

    Finally the summary from the study is that offering thanks or appreciation to your colleagues for their performance is a positive thing for both of you. Do not refrain from it whenever you see one of your co-workers. In that way, we will be able to build a happier and healthier professional and personal environment. Source : Times of India

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