Hot Phrases Formed With The Word ‘LEAVE’

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There are some important and hot phrases formed with the verb ‘leave’. These phrases are often used in daily conversation or dialogue. In order to have a command over English, one needs to have knowledge on their use as well. Let us try to learn some such phrases which are made of the word leave.

A. leave something off

Meanings 1 : cease; stop; abandon. See the examples :
1. The rain has stopped. So now we can leave off umbrellas. (meaning stop using it).
2. The burn stain on your face has got removed. So you can leave off the cream prescribed by the doctor. (stop using it).

Meanings 2 : to omit, exclude. See the examples below :
1. Why is my name left off the list of nominees? (meaning not included in the list).
2. I think your daughter’s name is intentionally left off the list of awardees?

B. Leave something out

Meanings : to omit, exclude. Look at the examples below :
1. The authorities left out a vital information in the report.
2. The police investigation on the brutal murder of 5 members of family left out the mystery behind the killing of an infant.

C. Leave someone alone

Meaning : ‘to allow (someone) to be by himself or herself’ meaning allowing to do whatever he or she likes without interfering . see the examples below :
1. Leave the child alone to do whatever they like to. (meaning refrain from interfering with what they intend to do).
2. You should not have left the kids alone to go to the field.

D. Leftover (noun)

Meaning : something, especially food, remaining after the rest has been used. See the example :

1. The rest of the guests at the marriage ceremony did not show any interest in taking leftovers.
2. Leftovers from any programme or party are distributed among the poor.

Meanings 2 (adjective) : remaining; surplus. See the sentences :

1. There have been some items leftover from the birthday party of my younger daughter.

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