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International Higher Education Expo By BSB Global Network Going On Across The Country To Help Out Aspirants

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Are you planning to go abroad for higher education? But not sure about how to move ahead and where to go to seek help? For those who have been stuck into such situation, there’s surely a good solution.

BSB Global Network, one of the leading and largest student and career consultancy firms in the country, has organized two months long country-wide dedicated events tilled ‘International Higher Education Expo 2021’.


BSB International Higher Education Expo 2021
BSB International Higher Education Expo 2021. Image : BSB

Under the initiative, series of special sessions by local and international experts on ‘Prospects & Opportunities On Higher Study Abroad’ are being held in different cities across the country.

Services Provided At The Expo : A number of local and international consultants including representatives from different foreign universities have been providing attending students and their guardians with urgent and valuable information on higher study abroad. The services on offer at the expo are the followings :

1. Solution to all admission related queries.
2. Inquiry on scholarship and its availability, requirements and ways to get them.
3. Subject selection in line with future career prospects.
4. Part-time work scope on and off campus while in study.
5. Info on ways of getting work post study and subsequent Permanent Residency.

Contacts : To get further and details information on the ongoing ‘International Higher Education Expo 2021’ and beyond, interested students plus their guardians can contact the following hotlines : 01762-688031, 01823-055310.

Necessary Link : Aspiring students can have more info by surfing the following website at : http://www.bsbbd.com

N.B : This Article Is Produced By Team Planet For BSB Global Network. 

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