Harvard’s Fall Semester Classes To Be Delivered Fully Online

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Harvard University, situated in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, will be delivering all Fall Semester course instructions online, the school announced on July 5.

But the university is thinking about bringing back up to 40% undergraduate students including that from first year to the campus during the Semester beginning late August, reads the announcement.

Besides, other students mostly seniors who feel the need to be on campus to advance academically will as well be allowed to get back to the campus.

The school will make a final decision in December regarding the matter, says the statement.

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As pre-cautionary measures against the novel coronavirus, the returning students will be required going through testing for the virus when they arrive at campus and then regularly throughout the semester, maintaining social distancing and dedicated quarantine space in dorms.

Following the spread of the virus in the USA, Harvard University along with others in the country and elsewhere in the world halted all in-person classes and opted for online instructions from March 23. That decision was announced on March 10. Source : CNN

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