Harvard University Ranks Quran ‘The Best Book’ for Justice

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Quran, the holy book of Muslims in the whole universe, has been recognized as the`Best Book for Justice’ by world famous Harvard University, USA.

Allah has selected this holy book as His last and final book. Without any doubt, it came from the Creator of this Universe and guides us on the right path of living.

Harvard Law School is known as the home to the biggest academic library around the world and is a part of the University. An ayah from Surah Nisa is being displayed alongside other two on the wall at the entrance of the Library for Faculty, Harvard Law School. This has been described as the greatest quotation regarding justice in the past.

The rest two quotations belong to St. Augustine and Magna Carta. There is no doubt that any Ayah or quotations from Quran is above all others.

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To mention, these quotations were recommended by the faculties and the students of Law School. From more than 100 entries, the Qur’anic verse or the Ayah from Surah Nisa has opted as the best. The Ayah number 135 from Surah/Chapter Nisa (woman) orders human being to stick firmly by justice.

Rules and Justice ever get priorities in Islam. The Holy Book Quran is full of essential laws for humans. Islam doesn’t have any space for injustice. Source : Islamic Information.com online

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