Global Corona Death Toll Tops 706k

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The number of people died of the novel coronavirus globally has crossed 706k mark. As per the World Health Organization, there were 6,812 additional Covid-19 deaths reported to the agency in the past 24 hours till August 3, bringing the total number of deaths worldwide to  more than 706,000.

Around the globe, there are now 18.8 million confirmed corona cases, according to the Worldometer. In terms of cases and fatalities of the virus, USA and Brazil are the top two countries in the world.

In the USA alone, there are now at least 4,823,890 cases with at least 158,250 deaths, according to the Johns Hopkins University.

The country logged 52,810 new Covid-19 cases and 1,388 virus-related fatalities from the virus on August 5 local time, according to Johns Hopkins University’s tally of cases.

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Of all the states in the USA, California has the highest number of cases with at least 533k followed by Florida with 503k, Texas with at least 481k and New York with 423k.

And in Brazil, the number of infections has now reached at least 2.86 million with at least 97,418 deaths, as per the Worldometer’s latest data.

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