Forgetting Things Sometimes Is Good For Your Brain!

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Do you at times struggle to remember things like your dear one’s birthday, the meanings of a word, the mobile number of your closed one or even the name of a friend? Or you sometimes lose small but important things like keys or mobile phones? Or even simply forget anything such as assignment submission date or a schedule to meet someone on a set date? Such happenings are almost common with almost all. You do not need to be worried at all about it. A recent study shows that forgetting things or forgetfulness is actually good for your brain! Puzzled? The study says that this phenomenon is actually making you smarter because by this process, your brain leaves out old information and takes new one.

The research findings have recently been published in the journal ‘Neuron’. As per the researchers, forgetting things sometimes is quite natural for brains. That does not mean that your brain is not working well. To the contrary, this way brains remove backdated formation and thus making space for fresh one. As per the scientists, this continuous flow of new information into the brain is the most crucial thing happening in the process which bears the fruit for your brain.

Given the findings of the study, the researchers have opined that our brains’ function is not to recall all but to be able to remember vital memories that help make better decisions. Towards making smart and wise decisions, it is essential for brains to leave unnecessary information for new ones. So according to researchers, forgetfulness is nothing bad but a fact that your brain is functioning properly. Therefore about this fact, you do not need to worry at all.

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