Non-Muslim Tops Islamic Studies Entrance Exam In India

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A non-Muslim called Shubham Yadav (21) has come out to be on the top of the merit list in the Central University Common Entrance Test in Islamic Studies this year in what’s the first case in the Hindu majority India, reports local media outlet Times of India.

Shubham, a resident of Alwar district in the northern Indian state of Rajasthan, is philosophy graduate from Delhi University.

Just out of eagerness to get in-depth knowledge on Islam, he has decided to study Islamic Studies at post-graduate level.

As per the reports, Shubham’s parents, father a businessman and mother a housewife, also supported their son’s decision to study the subject.

In India, there are now 14 central universities. But colleges in Kashmir region are the only ones offering the course in Islamic Studies. So Shubham has to go to the region to do his master’s.

Of the motivation behind the choice, Shubham said, ‘there are so many misconceptions about Islam and I believe this is one of the most misunderstood religion. We read so many world leaders talking about it which made me think about taking it up in my post-graduation. Personally, I just want to study it to be a bridge between two communities at the time of so much polarization.’

Finally Shubham has a long dream of being a civil servant. So Islamic Studies will surely be helpful for UPSC preparations (Civil Services Exam in India), says this meritorious graduate.


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