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    FedEx Bringing Delivery Robots! (video)

    Planet desk | 08 March 2019 | 10:14 pm

    In order to cutting down delivery costs, service companies worldwide are increasingly turning to automation like drones, robots and self driving cars etc. To avail automation, American multinational courier delivery services FedEx is set to test a delivery robot that will be used to deliver courier to customers. After successful tests and approval from the authorities, the company will soon roll out a fleet of the delivery robots to do the last mile delivery job. The first deliveries using the robot will be carried out between FedEx office stores in FedEx hometown of Memphis, Tennessee, USA.

    FedEx has already partnered with companies like Walmart Inc, Pizza Hut to run their home delivery services.The delivery robot is being developed in partnership with DEKA Development & Research Corp, New Hampshire based tech firm.

    Regarding its prospective features, this robot powered by battery looks like a cooler on wheels.  To detect and avoid obstacles on sidewalks and roads, cameras and software will help them do the job smoothly. It will be able to travel at a maximum speed of 16 km per hour and can climb up stairs.

    Here to mention that E-commerce giant Amazon.com is testing its own delivery robot dubbed Scout.  Source : Mail Online.

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