Explore Your Study Abroad Opportunity with University Open Day 2020

The event is scheduled to be held in Dhaka and Sylhet from this December 11 to 13

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Are you planning to go abroad for higher study? But not sure what to do or who do you need to reach out to for help amidst the pandemic?

There is no need to worry about all those things at all.

Bsb Global Network, one of the leading overseas study consultancy firms in the country, is going to arrange a three day dedicated study abroad session called ‘University Open Day’ 2020 from this December 11 to 13.

The event will be held from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. every day over the period mentioned above at two venues con-currently.

One venue is in Dhaka which is Plot# 22, Gulshan-2, Dhaka (BSB Global Network) and the other one Nirvana Inn, Mirzajangal in Sylhet city. 

Event Focus : University Open Day event will have focus on all the aspects of higher study abroad particularly in the UK, USA, Canada, Malaysia and other countries in Europe.

The event is surely a special opportunity for aspiring students as they will be able to meet in-person with relevant experts from home and abroad and ask them anything on their preferred or eligible destinations.

Amidst the pandemic, students and their parents alike are a bit worried and undecided about whether or not going abroad at this moment for study.

But according to industry insiders, it is the high time for students to apply now for higher study overseas as many countries have relaxed rules on student acceptance and visas or prior pass during the ongoing pandemic in order to revive their already strained economies.

University Open Day By bsb Global Network
University Open Day By BSB Global Network. Image : campusplanet

Event’s Bespoke Advantages : Those attending the event will receive the following advantages :
1. No service charge
2. Free spot assessment
3. Up to 50% scholarship
4. Various gifts
5. Plus whole range of information regarding study abroad which will surely come handy even later when it comes to higher study abroad.

Appointment : Those who have just decided and are thinking to join the event can book their slots advance with concerned persons by phone.

To confirm appointment slots, students just need to pick the phone and call the numbers according to their choices :
For UK, call 01720-557108/114
For USA, call 01720-557137
For Canada, call 01720-557105
For Europe, call 01720-557122
For Malaysia, call 01720-557159

Useful Links : To get further information on the event and beyond, interested students can visit the below links at
http://www.bsbbd.com/expo and http://www.bsbbd.com

Attention : This story is made on behalf of BSB Global Network by Team Planet.

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