Donate Your Old Idle Books

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Everybody loves books. It is more true to those who are collectors or simply bookworms. Therefore it is really hard for them to part ways with books that are remaining idle in stores or selves. However, at times we have to part ways with some books because of storage crisis, home change or just from the need of de-cluttering.  One can follow several ideas to part ways with those old books in social or kind ways.

Gift them to loved ones : One of the best ways to get rid of old idle books can be just giving them to ur loved ones, be ur family members, friends or friend’s children. In the way, At least these books will find new homes to be cared about. But definitely hand out the books to those persons who u think will take care about the books the way u did.

Donate to an orphanage or school : U can go for donating ur such books to an orphanage or a school in ur locality. With such move, those who are living in orphanage and attending the school will surely be happy. Through this, a social duty will also be performed.

Donate to a library in your locality : This will definitely be a good option. U can donate ur idle books to a library in ur locality. U can also choose a school or college for donation. With ur small initiative, authorities concerned would be grateful to u and ur books will find a perfect place for themselves as well.

Donate to an NGO/ Non-profit : If you do not find it worthy or comfortable donating books to an orphanage or college, u can pick an NGO or not for profit organization who works for social purposes to this regard. Depending on where you live, the books might go to a school, a community center, a refugee camp; however, there’s no doubt that where they will go, they will be appreciated.

Go for exchanges : u can also exchange books with some of ur friends or relatives for good if they are eager to do so. Or u can do the same with roadside book exchangers who usually do so. Even after reading the exchanged books, there is scope to return them as well. In that way, though u can not de-clutter idle books, u can at least have scopes to read different ones.

Though they know that they perhaps will never get their hands on some of the books in collection, they still hesitate to get rid of them or hand them over or just sell them.

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