Mission English : Different Usages Of Phrasal Verb ‘Find Out’

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The Phrasal verb ‘Find Out (about something) have so many interesting meanings usages that when you will get to know all of them, you will surely get surprised. Some of such usages are given below as part of our campaign ‘Mission English’ :

Meanings & Usages of Phrasal Verb ‘Find Out’ :  

A. To discover, Learn and verify something. Look at the sentences below : 

1. We have to find out what’s behind the fire occurred last year at the Bashundhara City Shopping Mall.

2.  We still do not know what caused the damage to the embankment at Demra, Narayangonj. But we have an obligation to find the exact reason out that any similar possible untoward incident in the future can be averted.

B. To Ascertain something. See the examples below :

1. The police must find out the true motive behind the killings of one Nazrul, a prominent student leader at University of Chittagong.

2. You have to find out the reason behind your failure in English subject.

C. To catch someone in an offence such as a crime. See the examples below :

1. The man was found out touching the girl inappropriately from behind in the bus.

2. We found out (learnt) from the research that the novel coronavirus spreads from human to human by speaking and sneezing.

D. To obtain knowledge of something or to obtain knowledge of someone’s actions, esp. crimes. Look at the examples below : 

1. We found out the financial irregularities committed by the Finance Manager by looking at her banks’ accounts.

2. How have you found out that we are going to have a party tonight?

E. To become aware of something (Find out about something). Look at the sentences below : 

1. I found out about my mobile phone being pick-pocketed probably in the bus just after reaching home.

2. The woman found out about her missing dog only when she looked for it.

Final Words : You probably might got surprised meantime by getting to know so many usages of the verb ‘Find Out’. Now it’s your time to make more sentences with it and practice frequently that your knowledge and learning about its applications get stronger.




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