Delexical Verbs : What Their Functions Are & Why To Learn Them

With Every Single Delexical Verb Like 'Take', Lots Of Expressions Can Be Made

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We often come across some verbs like have, make, take, give, go and do. These common verbs are called ‘Delexical Verbs. With them, we can make thousands of expressions. In today’s lesson, we have discussed in details on the uses of these verbs :

What The Function of Dexical Verbs Are :

First, Delexical Verbs are basically used with nouns. Note again they are applied with nouns which come in flat forms or gerund (verb+ing) forms. The most important thing to look is that when they are used with nouns, nearly the whole meaning of the sentence lies with the nouns themselves, not with the verbs. That’s the fascinating side of Delexical Verb’s.

Why We Should Learn Them : 

As mentioned earlier, we can truly make lots of expressions with just one single Delexical Verbs! Well, let us ‘take a look at’ the following sentences made with Delexical Verb ‘Take’ :

1. I usually take a bus to my office. (meaning I usually use bus to go to the office).
2. My little daughter usually ‘takes a hot water bath’ in the morning as part of her preparation for school.
3. My boss takes a small break after every single hour of work.
4. My younger brother takes a holiday every month from his work.
5. If one wants to secure success in life, then he or she must take a risk.

Well, No more today! Let us take a break.

You have surely noticed that with the verb ‘Take’ alone all the above sentences are made. Many more expressions or sentences can be formed with this Delexical Verb. So could you just imagine how many important daily sentences or expressions can be formed with all other such verbs? That’s the benefits of having deep knowledge on Delexical Verbs.

Attention : If you want to learn more and have more knowledge on Delexical Verbs as part of your Learn English journey with us, just keep browsing this platform as we will have in-depth discussions on them in phases. Good Luck!

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