Coronavirus Pandemic : US Death Toll Passes 77k

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The coronavirus death toll in the USA has surpassed the mark of 77k as the toll now stands at least 77,180 till May 8 local time. The number of infections in the country has now reached at least 1,283,929,  according to Johns Hopkins University. As per the university, the US reported 26,906 new cases and 1,518 additional deaths on May 8 local time.

The total cases and fatalities are from all 50 states, the District of Columbia and other US territories, as well as repatriated cases.

On the other hand, as per a report from a health group predicts that as many as 75,000 extra Americans could die from drug or alcohol misuse and suicide as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. The report, published on May 8, is prepared after conducting an analysis by the national public health group Well Being Trust.

The report says that the growing unemployment crisis, economic downturns and stress caused by isolation and lack of a definitive end date for the pandemic could significantly increase so-called “deaths of despair” unless local, state and federal authorities take action.

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The Well Being trust released maps showing state and county level projections of these types of deaths, based on data from past years, due to Covid-19’s impact on unemployment, isolation and uncertainty.

The group is calling for a robust approach from local, state and federal officials and agencies to help those who lose their jobs because of the pandemic to find work.

Meantime, White House economic adviser Kevin Hassett warned on Tuesday that unemployment rate in the USA could be now as high as 20%. Source : CNN

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