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    Corona in Bangladesh : 7 More Deaths Including 1 Child, Toll Now 152

    Covid-19 now claimed 152 lives in Bangladesh. Pic : collected

    Corona in Bangladesh : 7 More Deaths Including 1 Child, Toll Now 152

    Planet Desk | 27 April 2020 | 3:06 pm

    The novel coronavirus has claimed 7 more lives in Bangladesh in the last 24 hours till April 27 Afternoon with total toll now being 152. Besides, the country has detected 497 new cases of infections over the period, taking the cases to at least 5,913 in total. Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS) said this at a daily online press briefing on the coronavirus situation in the country.

    Health officials in Bangladesh confirmed the first case in the country on March 8 and the first death on 18th of the month. Now as per the press briefing, 60 districts out of total 64 now have confirmed cases of the virus with the capital city Dhaka being worst affected. Of the new deaths, 5 occurred in the capital. In terms of sex, 6 are male and one is child under 10 years old.

    During the briefing, DGHS said that 3,812 samples were examined across the country over the 24 hour span to determine new cases. Of those, 497 samples came positive for the virus, up from 418 the day earlier.

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    At the briefing, it has been said that so far 131 patients in the country have recovered with 9 over the span till April 27 Afternoon. To date, at least 50,401 samples in total were examined across the country.

    To contain the spread of the virus, officially known as Covid-19, the country has been under lockdown from March 26. The government on April 22 extended the shutdown to May 5. But whether or not the shutdown has another extension depends on the situation in the days to come.

    The government has already declared the entire nation as virus prone as more than 50 districts out of 64 in the country are under lockdowns.

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