Corona Death Toll Crosses 350k Globally

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The novel coronavirus has now claimed lives of at least 350,531 people globally as of May 27, according to a tally by John Hopkins University. As per the university, the number of cases across the world is now close to 5.6 million cases.

Of all the countries affected by the covid-19, official name of the novel coronavirus, the United States of America alone has about one third of the fatalities and the highest number of cases of infections. In other words, the USA has the highest number of cases and deaths globally.

The USA now has more than 16.8 million cases and close to 100k deaths as of May 27. According to Johns Hopkins University, the USA currently has at least 1,681,418 cases of coronavirus and 98,929 related deaths.

In the USA, New York remains the hardest hit state, with 363,836 cases and 29,302 deaths. New Jersey, Illinois, and California follow next.

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In terms of cases of infections, Brazil is now at second place globally with nearly 400k cases and about 25k deaths. As per the worldometer, this Latin American country now has at least 394,507 Cases and 24,593 fatalities. East European country Russia has now the third highest number of cases with at least 371k.

And of deaths, the UK has the second highest number worldwide with at least 37K victims as of May 27. The country has at least 265k cases of infections by the virus. Italy has the third highest number of fatalities of the virus with about 33k deaths plus 231k cases.

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