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Some Exclusive Rules For Proper Use Of Right Form Of Verbs

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Right form of verbs is an important part of English subject in Cadet College Admission Test syllabus. As part of preparation for the exam, candidates need to have a sound and proper understanding on the use of them.

To help examinees get a good knowledge on the usages of right form of verbs ahead of the exam, some exclusive rules are listed below :

Rule 1 : If two subject carry separate determiners like articles and others, then the subject-verb agreement must be plural as they mean two persons or things. See the sentences below :
1. The President and the chairman of the organization are attending the anniversary event celebration expected to be held next month. (meaning two different person).
2. The CEO and founder of Tesla Inc. is now the richest person in the world with an estimated worth of $ 209 billion as per the Bloomberg Billionaires Index. (meaning CEO and founder is the same person)

Rule 2 : If a word, name or noun represents someone or something as a group or team, then subject-verb agreement will be plural. See the following examples :
1. India create (not creates) history by winning Gabba Test to clinch series 2-1 against host Australia. (here India refers to a team) 
2. The police have (not has) conducted raids across the city in hunt for potential criminals following a fatal kidnapping incident the day earlier.
3. The Tiger are (not is) set to play a 3 match ODI series against visiting West Indies. (here tiger mean the Bangladesh national cricket team). 

Rule 3 : The word ‘couple’ is a singular noun. So the verb following it should be single. See the examples below :
1. The newly-wed couple sits on the bench there together.
2. That couple is looking very gorgeous.
3. The couples talk about their grandchildren.

Rule 4 : We will use single verbs following collective words like batch, list, herd, host etc. Look at the sentences below :
1. A batch of fresh students is (not are) going to be received by the authorities into the Department of AI.
2. Last night we bought a list of essential item, which was (not were) expensive, for our daughter’s maiden birthday program.
3. A herd of horse was (not were) roaming in the filed there in the afternoon.

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Rule 5 : Certain words like furniture, information, news are always uncountable nouns. So the subject-verb agreement must be singular always. Look at the sentences given below :
1. The furniture (means all the items as a whole) in his new flat is (not are) very expensive and stunning indeed.
2. We last week received certain information on covid-19 vaccine which was fascinating.
3. The Duranto TV channel usually airs news which is very useful for children.
4. The news in the daily star is (not are) always factual.

Final Note : Practice more and more to firmly insert your just earned knowledge on Right form of Verbs into your brain that you can use them in all cases of exams and practical life. Good Luck from the upcoming exam!

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