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In the ocean of vocabulary, Every word has got huge role. In order to learn English properly, one needs to grow his or her word store day by day and constantly. Here to note that just learning and knowing words are not enough to have command over the language. Therefore one has to have knowledge on the ways of using them as well. Let us try today some words and their usages.

A. Harbor (verb)

Meanings 1 : keep a thought or feeling, typically a negative one in one’s mind, especially secretly. Let us see some examples :
1. Please refrain from harboring bad feelings for your next doors.
2. Indians and Pakistanis usually harbor ill feeling for each other from the start of their journey as nations.
synonyms: bear, nurture, cherish, entertain, foster, feel secretly, hold on to, cling to, possess, maintain.

Meanings 2 : Give a home or shelter to (someone). Let us look at the examples below :
1. Ruling party leaders in Barguna are accused of harboring ‘Nayon Bond’ in the case filed over the daylight murder of her husband Rifat Sharif.
2. Parents are sometimes accused of harboring their children when it comes to social media use.

B. Ping (noun)

Meanings 1 : a short, high-pitched ringing sound. See example :
1. We are getting bored by constant pings from your phone.

Meanings 2 : (as a verb) to make or cause to make such a sound. Look at the examples below :
2. Your phone is pinging constantly as it is connected to internet.

C. Straightforward (adjective)

Meanings 1 : (of a matter) uncomplicated and easy to do or understand.
Examples : 1. Banning phones from schools will not be as straightforward as it seems.
1. Learning English is very straightforward if one gives time regularly.

Similar words : uncomplicated, simple, easy.

Meanings 2 : (of a person) honest and frank. See the examples below :
1. Our boss is very straightforward when it comes to business dealings.
2. W have just had a straightforward conversation on the issue of mobile use in classrooms.
synonyms: honest, frank, candid, open, truthful, sincere, on the level, honest-to-goodness.

D. Shortly (adverb)

Meanings 1. in a short time; soon. Look at the sentences below :
1. I will be there shortly.
2. The flight to Dubai is set to leave shortly.

Similar words : soon, directly, presently, quite soon, in a short time, in a short/little while, at any moment/minute/second, in a moment/minute/second.

Meanings 2. in a few words; briefly. See the examples :
1. Please explain the proposal briefly as we have no time to hear it details.
2. I was expecting a brief note from you but unfortunately it was very long.

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