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    Better Sleep, Better Exam Performance

    A snap showing co-relation between sleep lacking and exam performance. Pic : colletced

    New Research Finds

    Better Sleep, Better Exam Performance

    Planet Desk | 04 October 2019 | 10:50 pm

    Experts for long have been saying that lack of sleep affects human body. As a result, lots of problems arise regarding human activities. This has been proved again as a new study finds that better sleep is linked to better performance of students. According to the research, students who, particularly college goers, take minimum seven hours of sleep every night make better scores in exams.

    The study is carried out by a group of researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The findings of it have been published in the journal ‘Science of Learning’. The study is basically done to understand whether or not there is any correlation between physical exercise and academic performance.

    Researchers in the study found that college students who have less than seven hours of sleep each night make poor academic performance. The study findings show that students who take six and a half hours of shut-eye per night have 50 percent lower grades than those who on average have just one more hour of shut-eye.

    The study findings, however, do not necessarily suggest that seven hours of sleep at any time of the day is linked to better exam scores. That means night time sleep is very important in this regard as the study as well manifests that students who go to bed after 2 am onward perform worse in exams, even if they have seven hours of sleep. Source : Daily mail online.

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