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    Beijing Applying Smart Bracelets to CHECK Students’ Temperature

    A students demonstrating his smart bracelet at a school in China. Pic : collected


    Beijing Applying Smart Bracelets to CHECK Students’ Temperature

    Planet Desk | 11 May 2020 | 10:43 pm

    Students in Beijing have already started attending classes following the ease of situations linked to the novel coronavirus in the city. But still there is concern over the virus among the residents, particularly the student community and concerned authority. From this consideration, the city education authority has taken an initiative of introducing smart bracelet for students to have their body temperature measured, reports state media on May 11.

    According to the Beijing Daily report, the device, equipped with censor, will monitor students’ real time body temperature constantly when they are at schools and provide signals when any students have abnormal temperature.

    The report added that the inputs from the devices would then be monitored by teachers on their smartphones with a mobile app. The data can also be shared with parents and municipal and district authorities.

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    The report citing Beijing Education Bureau further said that the whole work would be done without interrupting studies and other academic related activities of students.

    Currently only final-year high school and middle school students in five districts of Beijing are under the jurisdiction of the initiative, mentioned the report. Source : CNN

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