Bad Work Environment Turns Women Bad Mothers

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Work environment is a major factor for overall wellbeing of employees as it is closely related to personal life. A nice workplace brings lots of benefits for both mental and physical health of its workers while a bad one carries the opposite. As not all work spaces are worker-friendly, so possibly many of us might have come across bad experiences at offices at one stage of life. Facing rude behavior at workplace from co-workers or superiors affects all negatively, particularly working mothers. A new study has found that toxic work environment makes working mothers possessive or rough and tough at home when it comes to treating children.


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The research is carried out by a group of scientists at Carleton University, Canada to figure out how or if mistreatment at the workplace interfere with the parenting methods of working mothers. During the study, researchers made a survey where working moms were asked to share their personal experience with toxic workplaces. Then their husbands too were told to give their viewpoints about if their wives turned demanding or possessive parents back at home.

The survey results had shown that women working in an unfriendly work environment often turned authoritative or hard in terms of parenting. And the reason behind is that rude behavior at workplace made working women feel as if they are not effective parents. Therefore they turned to authoritative parenting methods just to prove themselves to be fit to this end, conclude the authors of the study. Source : TOI

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