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    Bad Mood And Dating Leave For Employees!

    Bad Mood And Dating Leave For Employees!

    Planet Desk | 02 March 2019 | 1:04 pm

    Human resources is a vital component of any organization. To manage them properly and efficiently is also important for the progress of the organization. Towards that, sometimes organizations take innovative and time befitting approach. Such a policy is being implemented by three Chinese firms. One of the firms is China Dinosaurs Park, situated in Eastern Changzhou region. The firm has taken an employee welfare initiative under which employees are allowed to take leave as ‘bad mood leave’ that they can stay home, relax and get better on the particular day. To get the leave, employees just need to inform their boss that they are not in good mood. Under the policy, each employee can take one such leave. The company has been implementing it for the last three years.

    What’s the purpose of the ‘bad mood leave’ policy? On that, the company’s spokesperson Chen Qingcheng said, the policy aims to help employees work more happily and efficiently. And according to the company’s workers union leader Mr Chen, sometimes in dealing with unreasonable customers, employees get bored and feel sad. Therefore the bad mood leave is a wellbeing gesture for the part of the company towards employees. But as per this official, not many workers have taken that leave since its introduction. The policy has got praise and huge support from netigen who have shown envy towards the company’s staff for the benefit. One user on China’s version of Twitter Weibo comments, ‘The policy is so humane. I am jealous.’

    On the other hand, another two Chinese companies have gone for further modern approach for the welfare of their human resources. One of them is a middle school in Hangzhou region which is allowing dating leave for its single teachers. The school has taken the measure to help their single teacher find their partners. Under the measure, unmarried teachers can enjoy two half-days a month to go on dates.

    And to the third firm, it has started giving its single female staffers a 15 day long Spring leave to help them find their Mr. Right, though 7 day leave is given to other employees. Not only that the company, a theme park, announced that it would offer a double year end bonus to the female employees who would be able to find out partners and get married by the end of this year. The two institutions introduced the policies from the last month. China’s state-run Xinhua News Agency also praised the policies taken by the above mentioned firms. The agency called the ‘dating leave’ a modern-innovative way to deal with human resources and its wellbeing. Source : Mail Online.

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