Applied Uses of Modal Verb ‘SHOULD’

The modal verb ‘Should’ has a number of important applied uses in our daily communication. Below is such some uses of should, one of the most common modal verbs in English :
What’s a Modal Verb?

A modal verb is a type of auxiliary (helping) verb that is used to indicate modality that is likelihood, ability, permission, request, capacity, suggestions, order, obligation, or advice. Modal verbs always accompany the base form of another verb having semantic content.

English modal verbs include must, shall, will, should, would, can, could, may, and might.

Application 1. To Express ‘What is Ideal or Desired’ :

We most commonly use should to speak about what is the ideal or best thing to do in a situation’. Look at the following sentences :

i. There should be more testing centers to curb the spread of the covid-19 virus.
ii. The salary that we receive now should be higher given the amount of work we do. (Meaning higher salary is desired).
iii. The price of edible oil in the country now is too high. It should be less.
iv. I think there are little candles on the cake. It should have more. (Meaning ‘having more candles will be the ideal’).

Application 2. To Express ‘Advice and Suggestions’.

We generally use should to give advice and make suggestions. See the following examples :

i. I think you should take the new job as it offers more remuneration and career development alike.
ii. You should immediately give up smoking. (Giving advice).
iii. We all should work hard more to be successful in both personal and professional life.
iv. We should end the meeting as it has been over one hour now. (Making suggestions to put an end to the meeting).
v. We should meet as early as possible to have a discussion on out next move.

Application 3. To Express ‘ What is Likely To Happen or Possibility’.

We also use should to talk about possibility or what is likely to happen. Look at the examples provided below :

i. SSC and HSC examinations for the year 2021 should begin in the next two to three months as it has already been late due to the covid-19 pandemic.
ii. It should rain today as the sky looks seriously cloudy now.
iii. I think Mary should be at office in the next ten minutes as she’s already late.
iv. It seems the marriage ceremony of such a famous model should draw a huge crowd.
v. There should be a very big gathering at the reception party of Emma Raducanu as she has gained huge popularity following her US Open Women’s Singles Trophy win.

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Application 4. To Express ‘Surprise or Regret’.

We sometimes use should to express surprise or regret about something that happened. Have a look at the following sentences :

i. I’m surprised that George, one of my cousins, should have missed the train despite being at the station so early.
ii. I’m sorry that you should be so upset by what I said.
iii. We are sorry that out children should have destroyed your garden.
iv. The whole family got surprised that their only son should have failed in ‘O’ level final examination.

Application 5. To Express ‘Thanking’ (Spoken English).

In Spoken English, we often say ‘you shouldn’t have’ when someone gives someone else a gift. Read the following conversation between Mary and George :

I. Mary : I have got a watch for u from my tour to Europe. That’s of Rolex Brand.
George : What a surprise! You shouldn’t have!

II. A. I have bought an Apple phone for you.
III. B. Oh! You shouldn’t have!.

Final Words : Undoubtedly, the modal verb should has a long list of fascinating uses in our daily formal and non-formal interactions. The other applications of this modal verb will be discussed in the next segment. So keep browsing us!

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