Aishwarya & Her Daughter Left Hospital Post Corona Negative

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Bollywood actor and former Miss World & Bachchan family daughter-in-law Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and her daughter Aaradhya have been discharged from the hospital in Mumbai after being tested negative for the novel coronavirus. Her actor husband Abhishek Bachchan shared this in a post on Twitter July 27, reports Times of India.

But Abhishek self and his megastar father Amitabh Bachchan, popularly known as Big B, will continue to remain in a Mumbai hospital where they are receiving treatment since July 12 this year.

Expressing gratitude to fans and well-wishers for their prayers and supports, Abhishek wrote in the tweet, ‘thank you all for your continued prayers and good wishes. Indebted forever. Aishwarya and Aaradhya have thankfully tested negative and have been discharged from the hospital. They will now be at home. My father and I remain in hospital under the care of the medical staff.’

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On July 12, Amitabh and Abhishek Bachchan had tested positive and were moved to a hospital in Mumbai. On the following day, Aishwarya and Aaradhya had also tested Covid-19 positive but were in home quarantine initially but were later admitted to the hospital.

But another member of the Bachchan family actress Jaya Bachchan had fortunately tested negative for Covid-19 and remained at their bungalow in the city, anxiously waiting for return of her closed ones with coronavirus.

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