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    75% New Yorkers Ordered to Work from Home over Virus

    New York city street has gone quite empty in the face of novel coronavirus spread. Pic : collected

    Novel Coronavirus Pandemic

    75% New Yorkers Ordered to Work from Home over Virus

    Planet Desk | 19 March 2020 | 11:55 pm

    Majority of New York state workforce meaning 75% of them now have to work from home in the wake of the rapid spread of the novel coronavirus. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has announced this in an order on March 19.

    In the USA, there are now at least 10,502 confirmed cases of the virus including at least 158 deaths, according to the state and local health agencies, governments and the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Of the total cases, 70 cases are from repatriated citizens. The virus has spread to all 50 states in the country killing 158 people.

    As per New York State’s health officials, there are now at least 4,152 total cases in New York State including 21 deaths as of Thursday morning.

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    In the statement New York governor said, ‘the numbers have gone up overnight. I am going to increase the density control today. No more than 25% of people can be in the work force.’ ‘Yesterday it was 50%. We’re reducing it again, except the essential services that we spoke about yesterday. That means 75% of the work force must stay at home and work from home. Again, voluntarily I’m asking all businesses to have people work from home. As a mandate, 75% of your employee base must work from home.’ Source : CNN

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