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    7 More Deaths from Corona In Bangladesh, Total Toll  91

    Novel coronavirus has claimed 91 lives in Bangladesh since March 9 when the first case was confirmed there. Pic : Collected

    7 More Deaths from Corona In Bangladesh, Total Toll 91

    Planet Desk | 19 April 2020 | 4:07 pm

    The novel coronavirus has taken 7 more lives in Bangladesh in the last 24 hours as of April 19 Afternoon, taking the total toll to at least 91. Besides, over the period, 312 cases are confirmed in the country, raising the total cases to at least 2,456. Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS) revealed this information at a daily press briefing online regarding the coronavirus updates in the country.

    In Bangladesh, the first case of infection of the virus was confirmed on March 8 and the first death recorded on 18th of the month.

    DGHS at the online briefing says that at least 2,634 samples were examined across the country over the period to determine new corona cases. Of these, 312 samples came positive for the virus, taking the total infections to at least 2,456.

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    To contain the spread of the virus, officially known as Covid-19, the country has been under lockdown from March 26. The countrywide lockdown is expected to see end on 25th of this month. But there’s a speculation that the lockdown could see another extension up to the end of the month depending on the situation in the days to come.

    The virus has so far spread to across the country, bringing more and more districts under lockdowns.

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