7 ADVICES to Citizens from MODI over Corona Pandemic

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Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has addressed his nation today for the third time since the novel coronavirus outbreak began in the country, marking the end of first phase 21-day mationwide lockdown there to slow the spread of the virus. In the speech, Modi has announced the lockdown to be extended till May 3.

Besides, he has given some directives for the citizens to help fight the pandemic which are put forward below : 1. Look after the elderly at home especially those who have a history of ailments. Keep them safe.
2. Lockdown and social distancing have to be followed. Use homemade masks at all times.
3. To increase immunity, use guidelines given by Ayush ministry (Health Ministry).
4. Everyone should download Arogya Setu mobile app (a dedicated national digital health service).
5. Help the poor as much as possible. See if we can help with their food needs.
6. In our industries, show compassion for colleagues. Don’t fire people.
7. Our doctors, sanitation workers, police etc. Let us show them respect and honor them for their work.

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To note, India has crossed 10k mark of infections with at least 10,363 cases reported including 339 deaths to date. Source : TOI

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